Colorants and Tinting System Solutions for Gel Coats

February 28, 2018

When it comes to color, most gel coat producers tint their gel coats in-plant, preferably with, limited colors made in large batches. However, color demand is increasing along with the need for short lead times, requiring gel coat producers to look for innovative solutions. The ideal solution would provide both speed and greater color flexibility while ensuring accurate production of colored gel coats.

Colorant and Tinting Solutions

Offering a fully-automated, high-speed gel coat volumetric tinting and color matching service is the solution. This service enables gel coat producers to rapidly fulfill orders in small batches for a pigmented gel coat from full RAL color ranges to customized color matches. The tinting system can tint any gel coat base resin to a high level of batch-to-batch consistency that allows customers to reduce their colorant inventory and create blended color on demand. Moreover, the tinting system is suitable for the conventional in-plant tinting of batches and for the point-of-sale tinting of single cans at wholesalers.

Plasticolors® GTS Colorants

The GTS colorants for tinting gel coats have specifically been developed as tinting system for volumetric and gravimetric use in dispensing machines. The colorants provide an innovative solution to gel coat producers and meet the current increasing color demand in the market.

GTS colorants contain highly durable organic and inorganic pigments dispersed in a monomer- free, unsaturated polyester carrier resin. The colorants demonstrate excellent compatibility with commonly used gel coat systems (Ortho, ISO, ISO-NPG) for both brush and spray applications and have little or no impact on the performance and properties of the gel coats. Each colorant is tightly controlled for color and strength to insure quality consistency for every batch and the low viscosity makes them exceptionally easy to handle.

High-Quality Means Better Results

We work closely with gel coat producers to understand and meet their requirements and their unique colors space, performance and cost specifications. Providing a color system for tinting gel coats gives producers the advantage in their color offerings.

With a focused amount of 10 colorants, the GTS color system provides a broad choice of color shades like RAL colors and many other required customized shaded or color collections. The colorants consist of high-performance pigments to enhance durability and UV stability. At Chromaflo, we consult gel coat producers in tinting equipment due to our strong relationships with manufacturers of dispensing machines and in tinting software because of our in-house development software from basis dispensing to color matching.

GTS colorants can serve in a variety of polyester applications next to polyester gel coats and are best suited for the following processes:

  • Pultrusion
  • Polyester Cast
  • Polymer Concrete

Chromaflo also prides itself on meeting additional performance requirements and functionality demands. We work to extend the color range with specific pigments, optimize Total Solar Reflectence values to induce lower surface heating after irradiation or add conductivity or electrical dissipation. These features are gaining more and more interest in the market and could be future additions to the system and deployed as needed.

Contact us to learn more about the GTS-line or any other pigments and chemical dispersions for your application.

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