Expanding Possibilities with Integrated Tinting Software

November 16, 2017

When producing colorants for the coatings and thermosets industries, quality control and color matching are critical. As a result, working with a company that has its own software development team and an innovative family of programs can ensure that you not only receive a consistent product but also service that can save you time and money.
For example, Chromaflo Technologies’ state-of-the-art Innovatint system has opened the market by supplying additional information and possibilities to users. And although the word “tint” indicates the program is for tinting purposes only, the family of programs covers an array of applications besides driving tinting machines.

Point of Sales

While driving the tinting machine to produce cans of paint is the main goal of point-of-sales software, Innovatint takes this to a new level by providing different versions that serve all market needs. The program can instantly receive recipe updates via the internet, provide product information, perform in-store color matching and save customer details, greatly improving the customer experience. Lead times shrink, the correct information is always available and the best recipes are loaded without hassle. With links to multiple databases and tinting machines, users can quickly switch among them, making this a powerful tool.


Database management and color matching have never been so simple. With the clearly structured Lab software users can easily build databases, read in color cards and maintain products. And with its state-of-the-art matching engine, full-color matching projects are easily performed. The system also allows users to characterize all of the components, set up matching rules and calculate full color cards within seconds. Innovatint Lab gives the user full control of products, colors and point-of-sales software.

Quality Control

Consistency is very important in the production process, as without stable base material, colors will not be accurate. The Innovatint QC tool has been created as a complete system to monitor the production of batches and compare them to previously produced materials. Not only is it possible to measure and calculate deviations based on color properties, the tool also saves results from other properties, physically and chemically. Users can define their own parameters and set up working procedures that allow the tool to act as a complete quality control archive.


There is so much market information available, but without proper analysis tools, the numbers may not make much sense. By offering several levels of statistical tools, tinting information can be retrieved and sorted to create numerous reports. Providing statistical information throughout an organization allows all departments to benefit from the valuable information and use it to their benefit.


When a tinting machine is broken, it cannot generate money. Monitoring the status of tinting machines online makes it immediately clear if an issue arises, what the problem is and if a service engineer should be sent. This allows for more efficient maintenance and reduces the loss of revenue. The system also shows historical maintenance performed, spare parts used and any weak points.


To sell products, it is crucial to quickly react to customer price requests. To
do so requires a tool for making price calculations, giving internal sales departments access to the latest formulas and prices. They can directly makes quotes using the correct templates and send those to the customer.


Data must be available to those throughout the organization. Linking Innovatint to your ERP system improves data security and allows team members to share knowledge. Innovatint offers standardized tools but also custom-made solutions, depending on the needs of  the customer.
The Innovatint family allows for total integration within your company structure and will contribute to a more efficient way of working, allowing you to provide better service to the market and keep control of your complete company process, from price request to production of products.
If you are interested in learning more  about the Innovatint family, Chromaflo  has the expertise to help you. Visit  www.chromaflo.com to learn more.



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