Blended Color Packs

April 27, 2017

Concrete is used in many parts of a commercial building, from the interior walls and floors to the exterior sidewalks and patios. While all concrete coatings have stringent performance and durability requirements, commercial flooring, in particular, also uses colorants to create distinct, corporate-branded environments. Not only must floor coatings withstand heavy foot traffic, repel spills and stains, and, most important, be slip-resistant, they must also match the company’s exact color specifications. Fast-food restaurants, for example, use distinct colors in each of their establishments, and those colors must match exactly.

In the most basic of industrial floor coatings color formulations, one single-pigment masstone is added to varying levels of white and black. More commonly, two or three colors are combined with black and white to adjust hue and chroma to achieve the desired shade. To provide consistency from lot to lot, masstones must be combined in exactly the same ratio. This can be difficult to do, especially on the job site, as contractors aren’t paint manufacturers. They just want to deliver customer-specified colors within a reasonable amount of time.

Blended color pack colorants for industrial floor coatings can eliminate these problems, as they are added as a single colorant to a clear base on site and mixed to create a ready-to-apply coating within minutes.

Ensures batch-to-batch consistency

Blended color packs can remove most possibilities of color variations and produce a more stable, consistent color. The final color is supplied as a single colorant, which contains the correct ratio of masstone colorants to achieve the final color. There is no need to tint with white or black or any other color — it’s already done. Perfect for consistent smaller batches, blended color packs can be added directly to a clear base, mixed and applied.

The product’s color consistency is tightly controlled by the colorant manufacturer, so contractors can easily create the desired color and replicate it from lot to lot to ensure consistency throughout the entire job, regardless of size.

There are also a number of other benefits.

·         Removes on-site tinting errors. Because the final color is prepackaged in small quantities (usually quarts), blended color pack colorants are perfect for job-site tinting and can be mixed on site to achieve the exact color the client specified.

With masstone colorants, the amount of colorant added to the base must be precise and consistent to repeat the same color multiple times. Blending errors can result in a shade lighter or darker than what the customer wanted. This is not an issue with blended color packs, as each is tested by the manufacturer to provide the perfect color combination. This requires no additional shading, eliminating the human error factor that can occur while mixing multiple single-pigment colorants.

·         Provides a wide range of colors. Blended color packs are offered in most of the earth tones generally used in industrial floor coatings applications. These grays and tans are joined by some reds, blues, greens and safety colors to create a palette that covers most consumer color stipulations.

·         Saves inventory space. Blended color packs decrease the amount of inventory space required to stock colored coatings. Instead of maintaining multiple pails of pre-tinted coatings in stock, suppliers need to keep only the clear base on hand. The color packs are smaller in volume and take up less space on the shelves than cans of pre-tinted coatings and need only about 10 percent of the space pre-tinted coatings require.

If your company is interested in learning more about how blended color pack colorants can provide consistency in industrial floor coatings, Chromaflo has the expertise to help you. Visit to learn more.

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