A Faster Color Match: Site-to-site Color Matching

April 29, 2016

There is only one place where color chemists can work with your company’s source materials, on your equipment, with your specific testing processes already in place: Your facility. That is why Chromaflo is offering on-site matching services for strategic customers. With on-site color matching, our chemists and technicians travel to a thermoset customer’s facility, allowing them to work directly with the customer’s technical team. On-site collaboration allows for more accurate color matching with a much quicker turnaround time than would be possible when shipping color samples back and forth between facilities.

How much quicker? Site-to-site color matching typically takes between five and 10 days to produce an accurate color match. Timing depends on factors including the type of thermoset plastic being used and the distance between facilities. However, on-site color matches are often achieved in the span of one day. That means your product can be manufactured and shipped days sooner, allowing your customers to fulfill their orders days earlier. It’s a cascading effect of increased efficiency.

Who is a candidate for on-site color matching?
Customers that have or want to develop a strategic partnership with Chromaflo are ideal candidates for on-site color-matching.
When we send our chemists and technical staff to a customer’s site for days or even weeks, our two teams are effectively operating as coworkers. It’s essential for everyone working on the project to have a high degree of understanding of the production process, materials used in manufacturing, equipment, testing facilities and end use of the product. That happens as a result of relationship longevity and Chromaflo’s knowledge and experience in the market.
For these reasons, manufacturers in the thermoset plastics space can benefit by viewing Chromaflo as a partner, not just a vendor. Colorants are, by themselves, simply pigments suspended in a solvent or liquid; it takes experts to know how to properly mix and use them to achieve a desired result. Expertise is the real value measurement of a colorant supplier.

The case for on-site color matching
The main question we get when we broach the subject of on-site color matching with a customer is, “What is the cost?”
Actually, there is no additional cost to our customers. For strategic customers, Chromaflo is heavily invested in providing the right colorant formulation for their products using the most efficient process possible – allowing companies to deliver a high-quality product to their own customers, on time and on budget. On-site color matching can help Chromaflo customers achieve those goals by ensuring an accurate color match even faster.
By eliminating inefficiencies in the color testing and approval process, on-site color matching enables our thermoset plastics customers to reduce turnaround times and secure business faster than competitors. It’s also a simple way to leverage your deep and longstanding customer-supplier relationships to bring tangible benefits your customers. So what are you waiting for?

Chromaflo Technologies is a leading provider of colorant technologies and color matching services for the thermoset plastics industry. Contact us at (440) 997-5137 to discuss your colorant requirements.


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