Customer-driven solutions

December 23, 2015

Think about all the people who touch a product before it is considered finished. Development specialists, manufacturers, salespeople, people in the supply chain network and many others all play a role in transforming a product from an idea into the final part.
Creating a successful end-use product is not always just an internal effort; it’s an effort that can require the coordination of multiple disciplines, customers and suppliers to come together as a team.
Recognizing that we are an integral part of that formula, Chromaflo provides our customers with the support structure necessary to deliver best-in-class solutions for their own customers. Through our co-development process, we work closely with your team to merge our expertise in colorants and additives with your expertise in your field.

Collaborative solutions for product development
Some of our customers need help solving a problem with the appearance or performance of their product under specified conditions. Others are looking for assistance with the implementation of colorants and additives in their process. In some cases, they are looking to deliver the next leap in technology to their market.
Chromaflo helps its customers co-develop products in three ways, each successively wider in scope.

  • Formulation and process. Customers that purchase and use a Chromaflo colorant often are interested in changing how they introduce the colorant into their product, such as moving from a batch process to a metered or continuous process. We utilize our formulation expertise to help our customers make those transitions smoothly by creating products that conform to the required physical properties needed to make the project successful.


  • Performance enhancements. Some of our customers need to improve some aspect of product performance, such as greater UV protection in a composite part, for an existing product. We work with customers to create a program that balances the performance needs of the final product with the cost constraints the market demands. Chromaflo is an active partner as the new technology is implemented, from the prototype stage to full market introduction.


  • New technology programs. We also work with our customers on longer-term programs, such as assisting in the design and production of a new product technology for the market. Chromaflo supports these programs through product and process development and providing testing support from our highly advanced analytical laboratory. Some of the collaborative efforts in these programs have led to cutting-edge technologies that have helped our industry grow.

What does the co-development process involve?
We often partner with our customers to help solve problems and create new ideas. Our technical experience and knowledge involving colorant and additive technology is paired with our customers’ expertise and knowledge in their technology to create those solutions. Good communication is key to success, so we follow these general guidelines when engaging in new projects.

  • Identify your problem or opportunity. The first step in any collaborative project is to bring to light an opportunity or problem that needs to be addressed.  Our sales representatives have spent years developing deep relationships with our customers and are the first point of contact when you need help formulating a product or solution for your business.


  • Share expertise. After the initial sales contact, we collaborate with our customers to begin working out the initial project requirements. Depending on the project scope, this can be limited to a brief technical discussion or include a broader range of disciplines to ensure both technical and commercial considerations are taken into account.


  • Formulate a plan. Based on the initial collaborative effort,  we will work together to create a plan to move forward. Part of this process includes defining clear expectations of the goals to be met and an assessment of commercial and technical viability. We will work with you to develop a targeted project plan – including timelines, deadlines and milestones – to keep the project on track.


  • Put the plan into action. Together, we will navigate through the development and manufacturing processes. Chromaflo will be an active partner by assisting with the product development and qualification process, making project refinements with each iteration. At Chromaflo, we understand our job is not done when product development is complete. We will be fully engaged through the initial stages of manufacturing, applying our expertise in processing, chemistry and colorants to make the product launch as smooth as possible.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a solution? Contact us to today at 800.776.3329 or [email protected] to begin the discussion with a Chromaflo representative.



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